Art by JP Mika

Art by JP Mika

"Queen of the seas and rules the power of it."
"Her colors are pale blue and white."
"She can often be seen sitting on the edge of a large rock, in the sea, combing her long beautiful black hair."
"As her role of siren, she is a temptress."
"...has the ability to hypnotize people with her beauty."
"La Sirene is very enchanting and can sometimes lure people into the depths of her waters..."

A young, alluring Haitian-American embodiment of the Vodou lwa (or spirit), La Sirene, lives in the rapidly gentrifying neighborhood of Little Haiti located in the gradually sinking city of Miami. She spends her time singing, swimming, dancing, praising, and plotting revenge while awaiting Miami’s impending environmental doom.


Clip from Gustavo Taretto's MEDIANERAS (SIDEWALLS) | Inspiration for static shots of "Crane City," Miami and it's development.

Footage from Rara Lakay, a weekly street festival in Little Haiti that will be featured in La Sirene.

Visual Representations of La Sirene in Folk Art

Developers vs. Nature